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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 28, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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in general. thank you for being here. >> don't forget your viewers, prostate cancer sean: the news continues. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. greta: support for the health care plan has started falling. we have the very latest numbers. dick morris will break down what they mean for president obama. the health care plan that the president wants to pass. are two national networks playing footsie with the president? rush limbaugh is angry, this time it is about torture but it
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is not what you think. first, support for the president's health care plan has stopped taking a nosedive. the news is not all good. scott rasmussen is right here with the latest numbers. what are the latest numbers? >> xd53% or post, 4753% oppose % support. 23% strong support. greta: the president's plan has taken quite a beating with these town halls. we have citizens going and speaking up. i know that you are the numbers guy but in it is interesting that it is in a holding pattern. >> the support was falling
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before all of these town halls. the frustrations bubbled over because of the health care bill and partly because of bailouts. only 22% of americans believe that congress has a good understanding of the health care legislation. right now, the beating up that you described the president as taking does not change the numbers on health care, it has just made it more visible. the president's numbers overall are ok. greta: what about whether or not people believe that the quality of care would be better under the proposal? >> 50% of americans believe the quality of care will go down if this is passed. 52% believe that a cost will go up. those are exactly the wrong direction from what the president is looking at. that is for the skepticism is. this is not just because people are sitting home and reading the
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bill, this is a general frustration with the process and with government. by a two-one margin, the american people believe that no matter how bad things are, congress can make it worse. greta: how about cost? people are worried about the cost of health care. >> when they hear about health care reform, what people want is the cost to go down. on the 17% think that this legislation will reduce the cost of health care. the president has a long way to go. -- only seve17% think that this legislation will reduce the cost. the partisanship is very strong. democrats overwhelmingly supported this republicans, 87% are opposed. most unaffiliated are opposed as well. those things have not changed. that puts the president in a tough bind, he can try to
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satisfy his base or risk offending people in the middle or he can move to the middle and offend some of the people in his base. greta: it has been stable for about a month. congress would come back from recess and we will continue debate. senator kennedy died, he was a champion of health care. when are you doing your next round of the polls? >> we will be asking some questions on the topic next week. we will get a sense of where things are heading at that time. greta: thank you. dick morris joins us from stamford, conn. these numbers in a holding pattern, they are half empty or half full. they are not sinking. how do you read these numbers? >> he got 52% of the vote and he is getting 43% of the health
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care package, his signature piece of legislation. a quarter of the people that voted for him are jumping ship. that is bad news for him. there are two 0.7 more important. the first is that among the elderly that are affected by this. -- there are two points that are more important. i think that to the elderly are 20% of our population and they consume 45% of their health care spending. -- of our health care spending. the strong disapproval is overwhelmingly there. they are the core of the democratic base in this country. the democratic party cannot win without the support of senior citizens. they have given it to them ever since medicare was passed and social security. the second thing i think is that
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there has been a new front opened in opposition to this bill which is not only within the health-care issue, but in a broader sense. when senator lieberman spoke on sunday and he said this is not a bad bill but not right now, not in the middle of a recession. not when we have a two trillion dollar budget deficit and we are looking at nine trillion more. phase sit-in. be incremental. one step at a time. -- phase it in. that combines the worry that americans have with the worries they have about the deficit, government spending, and taxation. i think that when you combined all of it, you are talking about a formula that is going to force obama into a retreat on this bill. greta: it would be fascinating if we could run those same
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questions on the congress and the senate, where they stand on this. they all have political considerations and the have to worry about constituents. generally, how they feel about this intellectually and from a sense of passion. >> a lot of them have to balance between the threat of a primary if they abandon health care reform and the threat of losing the reform if they embrace it. there is something that has just come to myooattention which is absolutely extraordinary, cbs news reports that section 431 a of this bill says that the irs must divulged to the house choices commissioner that this bill creates all taxpayer identity information, filing status, income, dependents, and any other information that the commissioner wants. not only to the commissioner but
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to every state health commissioner. it says that the social security administration can ask for anyone's tax return, even if they have not apply for any subsidy, because they need to see who might be eligible. this totally eliminates the idea of tax privacy. greta: you would think that the most liberal part of the democratic party -- i cannot imagine senator fine gold -- senator feingold would ever want that kind of information being disclosed because he is very much a proponent of privacy. >> there has been a tradition in privacy legislation that you can require individuals to disclose to an agency but you cannot require an agency to disclose individual agency to another agency.
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it has to go through the individual first. this mandates that the irs literally ship over all of their tax receipts to 50 state administrators and the health administrator and the social security administrator. this is like publishing your tax returns. this is unbelievable. greta: i think it will go over like a lead balloon. we will talk about this in the past couple of weeks -- next couple of weeks. to the viewers, they are looking at live pictures of the jfk presidential library where ted kennedy is lying in repose. people are paying respects to can be. the funeral will be this saturday in boston. we will have more with dick morris and a moment. coming up, are two television networks flirting with obama? why won't they air a certain advertisement?
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greta: why won't abc and nbc run an advertisement critical of the healthcare plan? this is an advertisement that will not make it onto those networks. >> how can the plan cufcover 50 million new patients without 50 million new doctors? it will not. it will ration care. >> life-saving medicine and impose long delays.
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don't let this happen here. >> tell congress to protect american healthcare. greta: the group behind that advertisement wants to know why the networks will not run this. why not? abc is the host of a special on health care. abc says that they will not air something partisan on a current issue. nbc says that they will request more information. we are joined by dick morris. he is the chief strategist for the league of american voters. first of all, what is this organization? >> it is a conservative group
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that is opposed to health care, obama's health care proposal. we feel very strongly about it. the point that i made in consulting with them is that this debate has to be focused on the elderly. the concerns about socialized medicine and government and so on are all well and good but if you are going to back the democratic party off of this bill, it has to be by explaining to the elderly what this bill means. congresswoman patsy markey, she told her town hall meeting that there will be some people who are going to give up some things for this health care reform to work but will do this because we are americans. she talked about the cuts in medicaid. this advertisement explains those cuts. obama says, i don't have any
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cuts in benefits. there is nothing here that says i will not cover cancer or heart disease. there is something in the bill that says that you have to cut $500 billion out of medicare over 10 years. when newt gingrich tried to cut medicare, he enumerated those cuts. obama sets up a commission that will make the decision and congress will have a very limited window to modify or override. he also says that we're going to cut reimbursement rates to hospitals which means that there will be less care and the people that will be hurt the most are the elderly. greta: the thing that bothers me about the bill is that i cannot even get to the substance of it. i find this incomprehensible. i cannot understand reforming a system with a pile of chaos. one of the things that has been
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said is that this bill will cause rationed care. isn't the truth that we have rationed care. some people have fared better influence with their doctor, we are almost better off -- maybe you feel differently. >> i do. if you are not insured, you will be treated in an emergency room that you cannot go to your dermatologist unless you have cancer. there is a rationing based weather on whether you are a citizen or not and whether you are insured are not. bear in mind that is the only people that lack health insurance are by definition people under 65, over 21, and to make more than poverty. those three groups are existing
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-- covered by existing programs. greta: people can lose a job because the economy is bad and they cannot move to another job because they're unavailable and they have lost their insurance. there's that group under 65 that cannot get insurance. >> under 65, but to the administration posthumous package -- illustration'it min' package puts the rationing of senior citizens. it says that we are not now going to do this based on need. needs means how many quality years of life do you have remaining. i take this very seriously. my father is 99 years old.
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when he was 95, he had to have his colon removed. i had four years with him. he would be dead under this bill because who would approve an operation on a 95-year-old? my uncle has terminal -- greta: i think we would all be dead because no one can figure out who is covered. that is because there is a problem. >> [inaudible] greta: thank you, dick. president obama says if you like your plan and your doctor, don't worry. later, a war but guess what, it is between two states. california is furious at nevada.
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wait until you see what nevada did. we will show you. anne heche, if she is not having a good day, stay away. so we've brought in a team of experts to help.
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greta: president obama hthis ove health-care debate. >> no matter how we reform health care, i intend to keep his promise, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your plan, you will keep your plan. if you are helpinhappy with your health care or your doctor, we will not force you to change it. under the reform we seek, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. greta: many americans say this is not true. they fear that if there is a public auction, insurers will have no incentive to offer insurance and this means that companies will ditch plans and this will leave the employee
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with no choice. is this true or not? is this true that you can keep your doctor? >> this was a good line during the campaign but as more specifics in these bills are showing up, it is more difficult for him to say this. there are certain situations where if they changed health insurance markets, this could fundamentally change the way the businesses plan. they set up a public plan, for instance. they set up these exchange and they allow businesses to buy in and they say a public land is cheaper, they could go for that option. this is a triple hypothetical. greta: he said this recently in his radio address. let me ask you this. in this house bill, this is
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incomprehensible. under the plan, the thinking that if an employer doesn't want to provide health insurance, he will be penalized a% of payroll, correct? >> this is correct, this is to pay or play. -- he will be penalized 8% of payroll. greta: if you have a payroll of over $400,000, this would cost insurance. it would be crazy for you to just keep paying. >> right now, the employers do this by option. law to make them do this, you do this to attract and
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retain workers. if in the overhauled system, it is cheaper for people to go out and use these exchanges are whatever to buy insurance, maybe they will have less incentive and maybe they will not be compelled to cover their employees. we cannot anticipate how these businesses will act when we don't have the final deal. greta: businesses will be required to do something. >> that's correct, this will be a federal mandate. we will come up to the edge a couple of times. greta: do you have a sense that the members of congress are ready to come back and push for this thing for our people losing steam and getting hammered a the bit -- or our pare people losing steam and getting hammered a bid? >> there has been a lot of
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capital spent already. i don't think that there will be a lot of minds changed. we have to look to the center and see if the six senators who are trying to work on this can get obama out of this if they can get him some kind of semblance of a bar. some plan that would be a framework. -- if they can get him some kind of semblance of a plan that would be a kind of framework to. greta: it is bizarre that people are digging their heels in the sand when this bill is incomprehensible. >> we have been in this town for health debates of four years. they are always this thick. when you want to change the health system, it is not pretty. greta: it should be understandable. coming up. are california state senators
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greta: if you think that the war between rosie o'donnell and donald trump was a bit rough, check this out. the state of nevada is attacking
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the state of california by trashing them in advertisements. check out what the development authorities just released. >> hello there. it is taking a break from the state senate in sacramento. we're always looking out for you small business owners. you can trust us. >> get the monkey off of your back. relocate your business to las vegas. it is california red tape and taxes could buy. greta: how about this one? >> california business owners, you know your legislature loves you. they don't want you to relocate to las vegas. with no state income tax or personal income tax. they tell you they are working on a plan just for you. >> don't wait until they put lipstick on that pig.
1:32 am
give the development authority a call. greta: california is in a major financial hole and they are going to raise taxes. they're going to cut back on reductions. steve moore joins us. we will be going to nevada. >> the truth is for the last five or 10 years, a lot of businesses have moved out of california. that is right next door. you don't have to pay corporate income tax or a personal income tax. california has virtually the highest business taxes and personal income taxes. there is an incentive. greta: that is before the latest news that they are raising taxes again. they are raised in the vehicle
1:33 am
tax 1.5% of the value of the car. that will make people angry. >> last year they raise the sales tax and the personal income tax. greta: the tax board is lowe ring the tax brackets. >> that's correct. they also started the year with and $8 billion deficit. they are a financial wreck right now. they have the highest personal income tax rate. they cannot balance their budget. part of the problem is that a lot of these businesses that pay all the taxes are moving out of california, they're moving to idaho, texas. the california tax base is shrinking year after year. >greta: they are really revving their nose in it. that is so bad. -- they are really rubbing their
1:34 am
noses in it. >> they have to fix their system. the legislators tree businesses like they are atm machines. thertrea-- tree to businesses like their atm machines. republicans met with businesses that had formerly been in california and the business owners said they could not afford to be in california. they also have a high foreclosure rate. nevada has been building great guns. there are nine states that have zero incomesincome tax like texs and florida. those states have been the highest growth states.
1:35 am
greta: can you imagine the people who put those advertisements to get there? that is so seventh grade but quite effective. >> i like a monkey one. it is interesting, california, this is one of the most beautiful places to live on the earth. you really have to screw up your system to make people leave to go to the nevada desert. greta: you cannot afford it. unemployment is high in california and there is less tax revenue. it is and ugly cycle. >> the more they raise taxes, the more the businesses move. arnold schwarzenegger was trying to bring the tax is down to the national average so businesses don't have a huge incentive to leave. greta: this must be very difficult job. >> this must be a big mess.
1:36 am
greta: there must be some kind of solution. >> i like what arnold schwarzenegger says, he said we can not print money. greta: we will have the next advertisements if they come out. i don't think that california thinks they're funny. next, congress is trying to help americans with their high mortgages. are some banks tried to stop this? we went on the road. -- are some banks trying to stop this? rush limbaugh discusses the tortured documents.
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>> this is america's newsrooms. flames engulfing homes in southern california. at least 200 firefighters are battling several of them. five sutter home's have been evacuated, the flames forcing people from their homes near a golf course. a tropical storm watch in effect for the north carolina coast. forecasters say tropical storm danny could bring dangerous surf and life-threatening
1:41 am
riptides. the wind was decreasing to about 45 m.p.h., but could strengthen again. nasa was forced to scrub the launch of the shuttle discovery a third time. they had trouble from a fuel valve. but off is scheduled for 11:59 p.m. friday night. we now head back to "on the record." greta: in 1991, and 11-year-old girl vanishes. now, the most bizarre, 18 years later, the woman appears. what happened? where had she been? two days ago, tuesday, a uc- berkeley security guard noticed a man acting suspiciously. he was with two young women and try to get on to the berkeley campus. he is on federal parole. he was on parole from a rape conviction in the 1970's.
1:42 am
campus police contacted the state parole and they took him in for questioning. his wife and two children came along. one officer thought that something was wrong. he had never seen the children at home during past home visits. does he was questioned, jc announces her true identity. the couple is now under arrest. today, the police announced what they found inside the home. >> the residents revealed a hit in the backyard. the backyard had sheds, tents, and places for the kidnap victim to lift. the children were her children. they along with his wife were living in antioch since the original kidnapping. greta: jc has been reunited with her family.
1:43 am
her stepfather calls to return and merkel. -- a miracle. millions of people across america are struggling to avoid foreclosure. some are turning to loan modifications to save their homes. we spoke to one of them in a virginia. >> we brought this house 10 years ago. >> it we paid 30,000 for home improvements. greta: at the time, what was your mortgage >> ? >> i got only $1,300. i put a 25% down. -- greta: at that time, what was your mortgage payment? was that a fixed interest rate? >> we went to an adjustable rate mortgage. when we refinanced. in 2006, i tried to go back to a fixed rate we fell into an unfortunate situation.
1:44 am
now we have an adjustable rate. greta: what are you paying now? >> it is roughly 2200 and is currently at 7.5%. greta: have you talked to the bank about renegotiating? >> i have talked to them but they said no because of the drastic fall in prices. greta: what is the value of the house now? >> my estimate is roughly 400,000. in march, 2006, the world's savings bank had it appraised at 650,000. greta: what do you know? >> 400,000. greta: you were almost even. you have this mortgage payment.
1:45 am
what is the income right now? >> it is 4000. greta: you are living on a thousand and you are trying to make this more economical and better for your family. you are now trying to do something with your mortgage. what are you trying to do? >> we are looking at the stabilization plan that the fdic has done for many homes, they will take out a 31% of someone's verifiable income. roughly 30% would be 1200. i could manage. greta: when did you make application to do this? >> more than six months ago. greta: we spoke to alex, he has made all of his mortgage payments. maybe the bank is not in a big
1:46 am
hurry. it was such a rush to get this stimulus it done. why isn't there a rush by the treasury and the banks to do loan modification? >> i have gotten some done it in the past three or four months. i would say some go as long as six months. in my opinion, it is incompetence, lack of staff, disorganization. we submitted the same paperwork up to five or six times. greta: why can't this get done? why want of the banks do this or the treasury? what is the holdup? -- why won't the banks do this? >> they were waiting for the federal government to come out and make some changes.
1:47 am
they were holding everyone off. there was a loan modification case, this is a real hardship. he is using up all of his assets. he has made all of his payments on time. this is the perfect case of getting it done quickly. greta: you can go to the government web sites for more information on loan modification. we will show you what rush limbaugh has to say about the cia torture. does the word chomp describe us? we bailed out aig for $180 billion the ceo is on vacation. wait until you see these pictures. carol, when you replaced casual friday with nordic tuesday,
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greta: here is the best of the rest. rush limbaugh talks about the release of the cia documents. now the justice department is investigating if the interrogators broke any laws.
1:52 am
this is what rush limbaugh had to say. >> an agency interrogator confessed that in december, 2002, smoke cigars and blew cigar smoke in the face of a terrorist. the inspector general was unable to clearly establish the smoke blowing was intended to force him when he coughecough up what he knew about al qaeda. do they really think that blowing cigar smoke will make him open up? from blowing smokbillowingblowi? if it is a good cigar, it is
1:53 am
pleasant. this is the theater of the absurd. they are making them to be torturous. terrorists can handle a little secondhand smoke. what is becoming of us? greta: how did this bear get in there? he somehow wandered into this gate park -- the skate park. the next day, workers dropped a ladder to help him out. we found the ceo of aig. he is speaking out. we bailed out his company to the tune of about $180 billion.
1:54 am
the ceo is defending his vacation. >> i started working a week before i was supposed to work. it was not a matter of starting, it is getting in and started. i have conference calls every day. i can work from here as well as an office in new york. greta: he could get paid up to $10 million which he calls the bottom end. he has some choice words about people who are angry over the bonuses aig handed out. he said "a lot of people have lived in fear because of lynch mobs with pitchforks." really? he will be back in new york on september 7th. still ahead, your last call.
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no. announcer: for the 10 questions everyone should know, go to greta: do not get on the bad side of anne heche. >> what is homer up to? >> can we say [bleep] on television? he is doing a lot for himself. i think he is coaching soccer. he wants me to watch him play soccer. we are divorced. i have divorced you, i don't want to see you. >> what does he do for a living?


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